At Kavus we have created the perfect coffee solution for your company. We have crafted for you a special package that is based on three pillars.

The Coffees

Kavus has carefully selected coffees from all around the world, in order to
meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

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    For a first experience ...

    The Kavus

    This fit-to-all blend is the signature of Kavus.

    This soft mixture is well balanced and round enough.

    Force 2/5
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    For a coffee with fruity notes

    The Marabou

    This coffee is an excellent pure origin due to its sweetness and fruitiness.

    Its natural freshness, equilibrium and intensity have helped foster its reputation across the globe.

    Force 2/5
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    For a harmonious coffee...

    El Fuego

    Rich and elegant at first taste, this coffee is well balanced.

    This gourmet coffee is characterized by its chocolate and spicy note.

    Force 3/5
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    For a delicious strong coffee ...

    The Mandolino

    This coffee is an exclusive blend between an Arabica and Robusta.

    Powerful and expressive, this coffee is worthy of the greatest Italian espressos.

    Force 4/5

the Premium service

At Kavus, your comfort is our main commitment.

Free delivery of freshly roasted coffee
Availability of an innovative machine
Free monthly maintenance
Repair of your machine within 72 hours
Free loan of the same machine in case of failure
Barista Certification


Legend says that it was in Abyssinia that a shepherd first discovered coffee

During a daily walk with his herd, he noticed that his sheep had become overly excited after eating cherry coffee. Upon realizing the importance of this discovery, he picked some of these berries and decided to share them with the monks of a nearby convent.

Quite rapidly, the stimulating virtues of the coffee allowed the monks to stay long awake during the night, even after office hours.

Because coffee made them feel like they were reaching the sky, they decided to name the beverage "khawa", in reference to the Persian king KAY KAVUS.

Since then, the beverage has become tied to strength and power.

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Kavus attaches great importance to education and knowledge sharing.

This is why we have decided help a very special humanitarian organization Blooming

Blooming This association allows children living in poverty to have access to education. The first projects were launched in India, but Blooming is not going to stop there and other noble projects are also set to be developed very soon.

Thanks to your contribution, children living in poverty will get the opportunity to be enrolled at school to hopefully get a proper education, no matter their dire circumstances.